VectorShift Product Update (Feb 14, 2024)

VectorShift Product Update (Feb 14, 2024)

By Albert Mao

Feb 14, 2024

February 14 - VectorShift Weekly Update

Weekly Use Case

Search and live-sync your data across tools With VectorShift, you are able to live-sync and embed your data from Google Drive, OneDrive, Notion, Airtable, Slack, and more. Employ semantic search across all your data to get answers and boost your productivity!

Product Updates

In the past week, we shipped:

  1. Evaluations: test pipelines across test cases and create pipeline “scenarios” where you can adjust prompts, architectures, parameters, and more while viewing changes in output.

  2. Custom API Node: make an API request to any REST endpoint. You can find this node under the data loaders tab.

  3. Enhanced web search: we added capability to use and Exa AI to query the web. You can find these nodes under data loaders.

  4. GPT 4 vision: convert images to text!

  5. Automations: Google calendar trigger (new event and updated event), Google calendar action (new event), Google Drive trigger (new file, new folder, and updated file), Google Docs action (append text to document), and Copper CRM action (write new leads).

  6. Date Node: pass the current time to vector stores or LLMs.

  7. New embedding models: customize which embedding model you use in the vector query node!

New LLM Guides:

Guide to prompt engineering: This guide summarizes key prompt engineering strategies and offers practical explanations and prompt examples, helping increase the efficiency and accuracy of LLM output.

How to get better output with Anthropic’s Claude: This article explains the specifics of Claude LLM and offers practical tips and tricks for designing prompting techniques when working with Anthropic's latest Claude AI chatbots.

© 2023 VectorShift, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

© 2023 VectorShift, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

© 2023 VectorShift, Inc. All Rights Reserved.